Our History


CROCI SPA was born in Varese in 1990 from a brilliant idea of ​​the founder Croci and his great love for animals, which led him to open his first shop in 1984.

Thanks to constant investment in research, in 1998 CROCI became the first Italian distributor to obtain ISO 9002 certification, then extending the certification also to design, development, production and trade activities according to ISO 9001.

Certain and aware of the knowledge acquired in the Pet market, in 2000 the company decided to use its know-how to create products with its own brand.

Over time CROCI becomes more solid and bigger. 2010 is the year of the move to the new headquarters in Castronno (VA) and the acquisition of the German company Amtra, a historic company in the aquarium sector, with products for water treatment and nutrition.

At the end of 2018, a new branch was born in China, an important step in the company’s ongoing journey towards business expansion and the aesthetic and technological implementation of its products.

Portrait of a cute young small dog sitting on the floor and looking curious at the camera. Red heart next to him. White floor and background. Pets indoors. Love concept

About us


Over the years, through constant investment in research, continuous innovation and great attention to customer and final consumer demands, the company has achieved an important leadership role in the market.
The core business is not limited to aquariums and dog lovers, but also offers a wide selection of products for cats, reptiles, birds and rodents.

Today the company has a rich product portfolio: it has a catalog with over 8,000 references ranging from accessories, pet food to the production of a large collection of dog clothing.

CROCI has stood out for years for introducing the concept of fashion and design to the animal world. The attention to fashion and current trends, in fact, have inspired the creation of fashion and capsule collections designed by the most talented designers. Hence collections of unique clothes and accessories of their kind, in which the inimitable Italian style, the high quality of the workmanship and the meticulous attention to design are revived.

Where you can find us


Today CROCI asserts itself on the Italian and international market with its own brand products present in 43 countries around the world. Distribution channels range from classic pet shops to specialized large-scale distribution and garden centers.

CROCI SPA’s headquarters is in Castronno (VA) – a few meters from the Milan-Varese motorway exit – and boasts a large area of ​​42,000 m2 for the warehouse, offices, research and development laboratory and showroom. In Germany there is the German branch Amtra CROCI which, with its strategic position in Frankfurt, serves the entire northern European market.

At the end of 2018, a new branch was established in China, in the GuangDong area, specialized in research and development, production and quality control: a strategic step to expand the business in the Asian market and create modern and technologically advanced products, with a unique design.

Our Mission


For over 30 years, Croci’s mission has been to create an emotional exchange with all pet lovers and give them moments of happiness to share with their pet.