NIKI NATURAL Per tornare ad essere naturalmente cani!




Niki Natural Barf

The right amount of nutrients, the foods to avoid, what our body struggles to assimilate or digest are also useful considerations when choosing the best food for your dog. Today we also know that for the dog’s health it is appropriate to supplement the protein diet with minerals, vitamins and fiber.

What would the biological heir of the wolf eat in nature?
Certainly not wheat gluten, grains and chemical additives. It would eat small and medium-sized prey: chickens, rabbits, larger herbivores. And it would eat its bones, meat and entrails, thus promoting dental hygiene and taking in all the nutrients it needs.

The NIKI NATURAL BARF line was born observing dogs and their habits, because every dog ​​must feel free to act and give vent to their instincts. It arises from the interest in nature and everything that can be considered unspoiled.

NIKI NATURAL BARF snacks have been made following these principles and observing the essential balance of animal raw materials. Nothing is thrown away from the prey, nothing must be discarded, all the elements that compose it have a function and are essential for the well-being of our dog. These snacks are not cooked but simply dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve the aromas, smells and texture they originally had.

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Natural Defence

Neem oil for the well-being of our four-legged friends

Did you know that …” In India, where the plant grows spontaneously, sparrows add Neem leaves to their nests, to protect them from parasitic infestations.

For animals, Neem oil is an effective help to prevent dogs and cats from coming into contact with unwanted and dangerous guests, especially fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

Neem oil turns out to be a natural aid against flea infestations because it is able to counteract not only the adult stage but also the eggs and larvae. If rubbed on the fur of cats and dogs, it creates a protective effect on the animal’s fur and at the same time soothes, flames and purifies the skin irritated by bites or insect bites.



Niki Natural Food

A healthy and natural food

Niki Natural is a line of complete foods rich in fresh meat.

They guarantee a balanced and optimal diet for the dog, even for those who suffer from food intolerances or allergies.

The products of the NIKI NATURAL line are free of gluten, artificial flavors, dyes and preservatives.

A line designed to allow our four-legged friends to go back to being…. Of course dogs!

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